This 10-mile (1-way) road trip will bisect a variety of bird habitats and offers diverse bird watching opportunities. Habitats found along the road include wetlands, bogs, mixed forests, boreal forests, ponds, streams and lakes. Start at Sabattis Bog, one of the few places to see boreal species such as Palm and Canada Warbler from the road, and continue west on Upper Circle Road towards Little Tupper Lake. Park near the bridge over the outlet of Little Tupper Lake (into Bog Stream) to view the marsh/wetlands to the northeast. Watch for loons, waterfowl and Virginia Rails, otters, muskrats and other wild residents. The parking lot on the north side of the road near the outlet of Round Lake is another great spot to view birds. Look for nesting Red and White Wing Crossbills near the lake, American Bitterns, Great Blue Herons, Yellow-bellied Flycatchers, Lincoln’s Sparrows and other boreal species in the area. As you travel west, there are many small, unnamed streams and ponds where you may observe wildlife. It is acceptable to pull your car off the side of the road and walk to take in the view. Be careful of traffic, even though it is fairly limited, and soft roadside conditions. A notable wetland/swamp area on the north side of the road between Bear Pond and Sabattis Station is a popular viewing area.