The summit of Wakely Mountain provides good views of the Moose River Area, Raquette Lake and the High Peaks to the northeast. The first part of the trail has been logged and provides good habitat for Mourning Warbler and other Wood Warblers. Lowland warblers and singing Blackpoll Warblers can be heard as you near the 3,760 foot summit. During the climb, Thrushes change songs from Hermit to Swainson's Thrush to Bicknell's Thrush at the high elevation. Before the summit, the hoarse, nasal chick-che-day-day of Boreal Chickadees will also begin to replace the familiar calls of Black-capped Chickadees. Many times juvenile Northern Saw-whet Owls perch along the trail waiting for mother to bring some food. Blackflies can be a problem at higher elevations through July, so be prepared.