Ice Fishing

Date: Dec 28, 2016
Tags: Adirondacks, Experience, Family Fun, Fishing, Winter
While the ice is currently not quite thick enough just yet, I've been giving a lot of thought to something I've always wanted to do but never have — Ice Fishing. I figured I better do a li...

Being Naughty at the Ice Bowl

Date: Dec 21, 2016
Tags: Adirondacks, Experience, Outdoor Recreation, Winter
Are you looking for a way to be a little bit naughty but still stay on the nice list? Check out the 2017 Adirondack Ice Bowl on 4th Lake in Inlet!  Non-Stop Action January 27th and 28th, The...

Give the Adirondacks

Date: Dec 14, 2016
Tags: Adirondacks, Attractions Entertainment, Experience, Family Fun, History, Outdoor Recreation, Whitewater Rafting
Christmas is just around the corner, and while we sit here and cross our fingers, pray and do snow dances in hopes of a good winter, it's never too early to think about summer. Maybe your fam...

Getting Oak Mountain Winter Ready

Date: Dec 07, 2016
Tags: Adirondacks, Experience, Family Fun, Outdoor Recreation, Ski, Winter
For most people, skiing isn't something that crosses their minds until the temperatures drop or those first few snowflakes fly. At Oak Mountain, skiing is a year-round thought. From prepping ...

Camping... closer than you think

Date: Nov 30, 2016
Tags: Adirondacks, Camping, Fall, Outdoor Recreation, Paddling, Summer, Winter
 Submitted by guest blogger, Alyssa Devlin.Read on to see why Alyssa can't wait for the warmer months to roll around once again!  This  past summer, I went for a canoe camping trip with my...