Care and storage of winter gear

Date: Apr 27, 2016
Tags: Adirondacks, Camping, Equipment, Gear, Hiking, Outdoor Recreation, Spring, Winter
The end of a long winter season is once again upon us, and even though the conditions weren't all that conducive to what might be called an excellent winter season, our gear did get periodic ...

Riding the bubble

Date: Apr 20, 2016
Tags: Adirondacks, Experience, Extreme, Fall, Outdoor Recreation, Spring, Summer, Whitewater Rafting
I'm not old. I'm experienced. Or mature. Or something that sounds dignified while also portrays me as a fun-loving spirit. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. However, as I took an early-...

Historical Landmarks

Date: Apr 13, 2016
Tags: Adirondacks, History, Touring
The celebration of Hamilton County's Bicentennial is happening this year, and we have been doing a little delving into our history! While 1816 marks the inception of the county, Wells and L...

A memorable wedding getaway in Inlet

Date: Apr 06, 2016
Tags: Adirondacks, Attractions Entertainment, Camping, Dine, Equipment, Experience, Family Fun, Lodging, Outdoor Recreation, Paddling, Summer, Swimming, Weddings
Inlet is the perfect place for an Adirondack wedding getaway. My boyfriend Andy and I were invited to a wedding in Inlet last summer, and we decided to make a full weekend escape out of it, c...

Get ready for camping, Part 2: Sleeping bags and pads

Date: Apr 04, 2016
Tags: Adirondacks, Attractions Entertainment, Camping, Equipment, Gear
Picking a sleeping bag is not all that difficult once you get a grasp on your personal comfort level. There are numerous companies out there making sleeping bags, and some are better than oth...