My Favorite Restaurants

Date: Aug 08, 2017
Tags: Adirondacks, Dine, Experience, Family Fun
The Adirondacks are a great place for many things such as hiking, paddling, and camping. But one of the things done really well here is food! I haven't had the chance to eat at all of the gre...

Exploring Chimney Mountain

Date: Aug 07, 2017
Tags: Hiking, Natural History, Outdoor Recreation, Summer, Wildlife
The enormous pillar of stone seemed to rise from the mist like a brontosaur lifting its head. I had ascended the steep, bedrock-paved trail, clambered over boulders, and then, through the tre...

7 Days at Lake Durant

Date: Aug 01, 2017
Tags: Adirondacks, Dine, Equipment, Experience, Family Fun, Galleries & Visual Arts, Lodging, Outdoor Recreation, Paddling, Touring
 My adventures in  car camping days began a few years ago . While paddling on a local lake, I encountered a  friend paddling with other people from the Albany area. I was all ears when the...

Adirondack Saddle Tours

Date: Jul 24, 2017
Tags: Adirondacks, Attractions Entertainment, Dine, Experience, Family Fun, Outdoor Recreation, Touring
It was a beautiful day in July when my friend Stephanie and I hopped in the car and headed north. Our end goal was Inlet, or more specifically, Adirondack Saddle Tours. I was going to take m...

Paddling and Birding Along the Bog River

Date: Jul 18, 2017
Tags: Adirondacks, Birding, Natural History, Outdoor Recreation, Paddling, Spring, Summer, Wildlife
You Can't Miss a Chance to Paddle Here Wren and I had the opportunity to paddle the Bog River the other day and we couldn't turn down the chance to do so. After all, the Bog River is a great ...