Car camping!

Car camping gone bad!

Although I grew up in the Adirondacks, I car camped only a few times.  A couple of times was with my family, and once I went alone with my twins at Rollins Pond, when they were ten. I spent most of my time digging trenches around the tent due to the downpours, and when it cleared I was chasing after them on their bikes or keeping them out of the fire. Needless to say, it was stressfull! The plan was to stay five days — we stayed two nights!

Author: Lisa Sciacca

A memorable wedding getaway in Inlet

Inlet is the perfect place for an Adirondack wedding getaway. My boyfriend Andy and I were invited to a wedding in Inlet last summer, and we decided to make a full weekend escape out of it, camping and paddling before the wedding then staying in a cozy cottage after.

Author: Jess Collier

The Origin of the Great Camp Style Architecture

The "Gilded Age" in America was a time of rapid economic growth, and those who achieved such wealth celebrated it like never before. It was during this era that the Adirondack Park became one of the favorite playgrounds for the rich and famous, and the origin of the American Vacation. In the second half of the 19th century, or "Gilded Age," the affluent population of New York City would "vacate" the hot and muggy city for the cooler weather at their luxurious camps in the Adirondacks and thus the "American Vacation" was born.

Author: Michelle Clement
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