DEC announces new Adirondack Scat Challenge

Nature enthusiasts will have their eyes on the ground this summer.

On April 1, officials with the state Department of Environmental Conservation announced a new plan — the Adirondack Scat Challenge — to inspire more people to get outside and experience nature.

According to DEC Commissioner of Challenges Dirk Dingleberry, the challenge will begin this summer, which he said will forever go down as the season of excretion.

Author: Shaun Kittle

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Green before "green" was cool!

Long before the first Earth Day was recognized on April 22, 1970, the Adirondack Park was setting a national precedence for being a "green" location. Green may not have been the term of choice in 1885 when the Adirondack Forest Preserve was first created, or even seven years later in 1892 when the New York State Constitution adopted Article VII, Section 7, (later renumbered Article XIV) which established the Adirondack Park - but green it was!

Author: Michelle Clement
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