Lake Lila

GPS Coordinates: ( 44.0185823, -74.7300266 )
Long Lake

Lake Lila can get quite rough, so use extreme caution on windy days. There is a nesting pair of Osprey on the lake shore and Common Loons on the lake. The forest surrounding the lake was hard-hit by a 95-mph wind storm several years ago, so getting onshore away from the lake is difficult. Wood Warblers can be found on the shoreline and Boreal Birds inhabit much of the area. (A Cape May Warbler has been seen in the parking area.) Canoe to the west end of the lake where an Adirondack Great Camp once stood or walk down the road past the barrier at the parking lot to the railroad tracks. Both treks lead to superb birding areas. Spruce Grouse have been seen south of the lake in recent years.


Route 30 north from Long Lake, take a left onto the southern leg of Circle Road which is also the access to Little Tupper Lake. Midway around Circle Road, just after crossing the outlet of Little Tupper Lake, take a left onto Sabattis Road. (To the right, the northern leg of Circle Road leads to Sabattis Bog - well worth a visit on the return trip.) Continue west on Sabattis Road past the Little Tupper access about two miles to the DEC sign for Lake Lila. This five-mile dirt access road to the trail head parking lot is open around Memorial Day. From the parking area, it's a five-minute walk to the east end of this no-motorized-boat lake.
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