Raquette Lake

Raquette Lake is an interesting body of water, not only is it a large body, but its structure is unique in itself. With numerous inlets and outlets you can extend your paddle beyond the long shoreline. With two distinct hiking trails you can also add a bit of hiking into your day as well. Even with a short easy portage you can access Forked Lake and continue beyond to Long Lake.

How to Get There

There are four distinct launches for Raquette Lake near the village of Raquette Lake;
1) The Golden Beach State Campground; which is located off Route 28 between Raquette Lake and Blue Mountain Lake. There will be a small day users fee for this launch area but the attractive sand beach make it all worth wild. 2) Off Route 28. Just east of Raquette Lake, along Route 28, you can park and carry your boat a few feet down to a put in near South Inlet. 3) Within the Village of Raquette Lake near the center of town by the marina and small country store. 4) Off North Point Road in Long Lake. From the intersection of Route 28N and 30 in the hamlet of Long Lake follow Route 28N/30 toward Blue Mountain Lake. Turn right on to North Point Road and continue on this road for 9-miles to Raquette Lake on the left.


There are two distinct hiking trails off the Shore of Raquette Lake that will get you access to two very attractive backcountry destinations; West Mountain Trail, which will bring you to a former fire tower peak, and the Sargent Pond Trail, which leads back to a very attractive back-country pond.

There are also several opportunities for camping along Raquette Lake where you could change you day trip into a multi-day excursion and then some. Choose Golden Beach, Tioga Point or a number of other primitive camping locations and lean-tos that dot the shore.

There are several areas where you can paddle beyond the shores of Raquette Lake. I highly recommend you do some exploring in these regions, you won't be sorry. There is South Inlet, Browns Tract Inlet, Marion River, Beaver Brook, and Sucker Brook to just name a few.

So don't be afraid to add Raquette Lake to a multi-day vacation destination, there's plenty to keep you occupied, interested and coming back for more.

Type of Launch

Al launches are well graded and easy to approach

Type of Carry

All carries are less than 100 feet in distance

Type of Water

Raquette Lake can be a very rough lake if the condition warrant. Expect to be sharing the water with many motorboats and some of which are quite large. This is one of the more popular lakes in the park and can be very busy, especially when summer is in full swing.