Sly Pond

Sly Pond

Sly Pond is one of the highest elevation ponds in the Adirondack Park at just under 2800 feet. The trail itself can be found on most all maps, but at this point has been abandoned and not maintained. Sly Pond itself though is one of the most majestic ponds in the park.

How to get there

From the intersection of Route 28 and Route 30 in the hamlet of Indian Lake follow Route 28/30 toward Blue Mountain Lake. Continue for 2.2 miles to Cedar River Road on the left. Follow Cedar River Road to Wakely Dam camping area. At the Wakely Dam camping area, sign into the register at the building and continue to drive down Moose River Plains Road. This road is quite rough in areas, take your time and drive carefully. Continue for just under 9-miles to a campsite on the left with a sign post with no trail sign located on it. Part here, this is the trail.

Trail Description

As mentioned this trail is abandoned and not maintained. It is cited here simply as a warning to not plan on a well maintained trail to a hidden back-country pond. In many case it can be seen as a viable destination hike in the Moose River Plains Wild Forest but it truly should be avoided at this time. Talk is, the trail will be reopened as part of the North Country Trail, but a time frame is, at this point, unknown. This trail should not be attempted to be followed unless well versed with map and compass.


5.4 miles to Sly Pond

Family with Young Kids

  • Not recommended

Experienced Hiker

  • Not recommended

Out of Shape Hiker

  • Not recommended

Winter Overview

Not recommended

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