Big West Lake

Big West Lake

An 8.1-mile trip into Big West Lake and to the fireplace left behind by Louie Seymour is a benchmark in the hikes of anyone Adirondack. It was here Seymour entertained the “sports” and grew potatoes that were watched over by his collection of garter snakes.

The West Canada Lakes Region was made famous by Seymour as he trapped, fished, and hunted there from 1855 to 1915. Primitive lean-to camping is recommended for an overnight stay. This hike requires a good trail map, which is a must when hiking in such remote locations. Leave word about your trip plans with others before you hike.


The Moose River Recreation Area. The trail starts 13 miles from the Limekiln entrance in Inlet. Drive 9.1 miles to the big "T" intersection and turn right. Continue on Otter Brook Road as it crosses the Moose River and Otter Brook Bridges before reaching the Falls Pond parking area on the left. The parking area accesses the West Canada Lakes Wilderness. The access road is gravel and only open in the summer.


8.1 miles one way to the lake

It can take well over 10 hours to do this hike. It isn't recommended for beginners.

Winter Overview

Not recommended. Access at the Moose River Plains is a snowmobile corridor and not open to cars or trucks during the winter.

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