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A loon breaking the fourth wall
A loon breaking the fourth wall


Speculator, NY 12164

This is a flat water paddle following the Sacandaga River for 1.5 miles to Kunjamuk Bay, where the Kunjamuk River enters the Sacandaga River from the north (your left). From that point, the Kunjamuk River meanders through the former International Paper Company timber tree farm for another 3.5 miles and ends at Elm Lake. Along the water’s edge, you’ll find Cardinal Flowers, Canada Lilies, and a variety of wild orchid. Beavers are often busy building dams across the river, so be ready to get out and pull your boat over them! You will pass under a bridge at 1.7 miles from Kunjamuk Bay. If you pull out here, you can make the short 0.4-mile hike to the “Kunjamuk Cave,” once the occasional home of the famed hermit French Louis.


Bald Eagles, Kestrels, Red-tailed Hawks, and Osprey are often seen in the area. You’ll also see American Bitterns and Blue Herons at the water’s edge. Other possible sightings include Cedar Waxwings, Winter Wrens, and several different warblers, including the Black-throated Green and Black-throated Blue. Look for Mallards and Black Ducks along the Sacandaga River shoreline and bays.

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