5 Secluded Flatwater Paddles in The Adirondacks

5 Secluded Flatwater Paddles in the Adirondacks

Hamilton County paddling opportunities await

The Adirondacks is filled with paddling opportunities, far too many to write about in one single blog, but below you can read about five destinations that are well worth checking out. Where are your favorite places to go?

Sprague Pond

Sprague Pond can be reached after an easy 0.3 mile portage through a very attractive forest. Once you reach the launch area you will hardly be able to retain yourself in its beauty. Quiet, placid waters are all you encounter. Moose frequent this region and smaller ponds like this one are a great feeding area. Wildflowers will paint the shore and birds will fill your ears while you enjoy the seclusion of the Blue Ridge Wilderness.

Sprague Pond

How to get to Sprague Pond

From the intersection of Route 28/30 and Cedar River Road in Indian Lake, follow Cedar River Road. Continue for 4.5 miles to the Sprague Pond Trailhead on the right.

South Pond

From the parking area there is a very steep path that drops down over a hillside. This will lead you to the shore of South Pond. South Pond is an excellent destination for a serene outing with outstanding wildlife potential. Listen for the faint call of a loon or the loud cackle of the pileated woodpecker. Small islands also dot the southern end of the pond making for some interesting areas to paddle around. This is a fairly well sheltered pond where wind is not much of an issue, but on occasion the wind can shift direction and whip up some decent sized waves.

South Pond

How to get to South Pond

Start by following Route 28N/30 from Long Lake toward Blue Mountain Lake. There is a large parking area on the right about 2-miles past North Point Road. This parking area looks more like a rest stop, but it serves as both. The South Pond is located there behind the parking area through the trees. A secondary launch just before the parking are can also be used.

Upper Sargent Pond

This secluded and very shallow pond can be reached with not too much effort, but a portage will be required. The portage is 1.4 miles but over relatively easy terrain. While this portage may be a bit more than most wish to bite off, a lighter boat might be the way to go. The shore is very shallow and can be waded out for quite some distance. However, because of its shallow nature and width, windy conditions could raise some larger swells if the weather turns a bit. The will be a quiet you can only dream of, the soft sounds of the paddle moving through the water might be the only sound you hear.

Sargent Pond

How to get to Sargent Pond

To get to Sargent Pond from the intersection of Route 28N/30 and North Point Road in Long Lake, follow North Point Road. Continue for 6.5 miles or so to the parking for Sargent Ponds on the left. Avoid the major right onto a dirt road, which is Forked Lake Road.

Rock Lake

To reach the shore of Rock Lake you will have a short portage of 0.8 miles. The portage is none too difficult even with a slightly heavier boat. The trail is adequately wide enough for easy carrying. Near the end of the portage you will come to a T-intersection with a snowmobile trail. A path is directly across the snowmobile trail, you can reach the shore here. When paddling Rock Lake you will find this pond to be a very relaxing experience. You will be launching on the south shore looking out toward Stark Hills to the east and Blue Mountain to the west. Be sure to check out the nice sand beach eastern shore. The mountains and wetland areas surrounding this pond make it a wonderful destination to just sit back and chill.

On the shore of Rock Lake

How to Get There

Follow Route 28/30 out of Blue Mountain Lake and continue for just over 5-miles to the Rock Lake Trailhead on the left.

Wakley Pond

This pond doesn't require any portaging and can be accessed roadside. This pond gets some visitors but only those who also wish to have some peace and quiet. Fishing is very popular at this destination, so don't be surprised to see some anglers from time to time. Hug the shore for some opportunities to see some of the local wildlife and savor the beauty of the wildflower that bloom there.

Wakley Pond

How to get to Wakley Pond

From the intersection of Route 28/30 and Cedar River Road in Indian Lake, follow Cedar River Road. Continue on Cedar River Road for just under 11-miles to Wakley Pond on your right. There is limited parking in this area, but not typically a problem.

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