5 destinations to visit via snowmobile

5 Adirondack destinations to travel to by sled

Destination Snowmobile!

Got the itch? No, not that kind of itch! I'm talking about the one where you are pacing back in forth in front of your sled, just waiting for enough snow to get out on the open trail. I know plenty of riders here in the 'dacks that are waiting impatently for that moment. While you wait, ease that anticipation by planning your rides of the 2015-16 season. Then when the snow does fly, you can spend more time riding and less time arguing with your buddies as to where you want to go.

5 destinations to visit via sled this winter

Connected by a network of well-maintained snowmobile trails, these 5 communities stand out as stellar trail-town communities. With lodging and dining and other amenities to suit your riding needs, we recommend that you clear a weekend and come get a taste of what snowmobiling in the Adirondacks is all about. 

1. Inlet

 Vintage snowmobile races on Fourth Lake in Inlet

Located in the southern Adirondacks, just a short distance from the well-known Old Forge trail network, the Town of Inlet boasts a variety of awesome amenities that are worth making it its own destination. You can start your day with a hearty breakfast  at Drake's Inn or the Tamarack Cafe near the heart of town, or choose the iconic Ole Barn located conveniently near the Moose River Plains trail network. Next in line would be the Screamen Eagle for lunch & dinner - with 50 beers on tap and great pizza & wings, what's not to like here? As for dinner, 3 great stops come to mind after riding all day: The Woods Inn, Seventh Lake House & Red Dog Tavern. Also, new to the mix this this winter will be Jenn's Zone 3 Grill Food Truck serving up lunch at the Inlet Marina, where you will also conveniently find 24-hour gas pumps. So, from food and gas to lodging, shopping and stellar events, Inlet offers all the amenities and more for your riding pleasure.

2. Long Lake

Sleds gather on Jennings Pond in Long Lake

Feelin' Long Lakey? Riders here are! Located near the geographic center of the Adirondacks, the picturesque community of Long Lake makes a nice hub for riding and fun this winter (or any season for that matter). From the historic Adirondack Hotel to the Long Lake Diner & ADK Trading Post, there are plenty of places to refuel your tank and your sled's. But we haven't even mentioned events! Long Lake is an event machine, from vintage snowmobile races to poker runs and carnivals, if you're in Long Lake, then you'll be feelin' Long Lakey - we can guarantee that. 

3. Indian Lake

Indian Lake SnoCade Parade

The quaint  Adirondack communities of Indian Lake & Blue Mountain Lake offer up a variety of amenities which make for a nice pit-stop or basecamp for your Adirondack snowmobiling getaway. With popular spots such as Chrissy's Cafe, Marty's Chili Night and the Indian Lake Restaurant & Tavern, Indian Lake is a great spot to stop, refuel & mix with fellow riders. Make sure to mark your calendar for the 10-day SnoCade coming up February 12-21, 2016.

4. Raquette Lake

Raquette Lake Ice Boat

The Hamlet of Raquette Lake sits on on the shore or its namesake lake - which just happens to be the largest lake completely within the blueline of the Adirondacks. Known for its rich history and historical Adirondack Great Camp style architecture, Raquette Lake also serves as a sweet snowmobile destination in the winter months. From the iconic W.W. Durant Ice Boat to the Raquette Lake Hotel & Tap Room, the small commmunity of Raquette Lake, NY is one destination that you must put on your riding list this winter. 

5. Speculator

Riders gather outside Oak Mountain & The Acorn Pub & Eatery

Last, but definitely not least, the Speculator Region in the southern Adirondacks is another great riding destination. Offering all the amenities a rider is looking for such as trail/lakeside lodging and rentals, taverns, restaurants and quick stop eateries, Speculator is a great spot to lay tracks both to and from the connecting trails. Popular snowmobile hangouts include the Acorn Pub & Eatery at Oak Mountain, Melody Lodge, and The Inn at Speculator, to name a few. While you are on the trails, be sure to loop past the mysterious Kunjamuk Cave, it's a cool trail-side attraction to check out! New to the sport? No worries, check out this newbie sledder's blog from last year and get ready to get your gear on!

Ready to fire up the sled?

With all this sled talk, I'm sure you're ready to come make some tracks. While planning your riding season, we invite you to come join us in the Adirondacks.  So come on up and enjoy endless hours of navigating well-maintained, backcountry trails as they meander past pristine mountain and lake vistas to connect you from trail-town to trail-town. Stop in to one or all 5 of these cool & funky Adirondack riding destinations and say hello, we can guarantee you will be greeted with a warm face, a great meal, and an atmosphere to remember.

Book your room, cabin or vacation rental and let the planning begin!

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