Biking Oak - are you up for it?

We're ready to drop in & start pedaling!

Oak Mountain Bike Park

In Speculator when we say, "Let's go mountain biking," we mean it literally. We're not talking a nice ride on a dirt road, or a double track with a few bumps. We're talking Oak Mountain. I mean come on, if we can ski it, why wouldn't we ride it?

Okay - before we go any further, let me qualify the "we" in the above statement. I am not actually part of the "we" yet, I am a newbie, usually a spectator, a wanna-be we. But, after checking out pics from my coworkers' epic biking adventure this past fall, and hearing tales of these trails, I am determined to try downhill mountain biking. Of course, I'm super-psyched to know that Oak has beginner trails, cuz I'm clumsy enough to know where I belong.

For now I am going to practice my skills on our local singletrack and keep googling the language I hear being thrown around - I swear bikers speak in code just to keep me uncool! But that's okay, I have two weeks to shred the lingo and get dialed in (see what I did there?). This isn't my first yardsale, y'know. 

9 trails and counting!

Right now Oak Mountain's Bike Park is gearing up for the summer season. The 2016 hours will be Sundays, July 3 through September 25 from 10 am to 4 pm. And, for those looking to ride through the Adirondacks' fab fall foliage, there will be bonus days on September 25 and October 2.

Check out these pics we grabbed last fall - they're bound to get you jonesing for a day on the mountain! And, if you're a newbie like me, read along for your chance to brush up on your MTB lingo - I think I've got it down, don't you?

Ready to shred, bro? 

 Well, we might as well start at the top - you should, too. Better take some pics now - cuz there won't be time for selfies once you start. 

This way down. 
The Oak system consists of 9 trails at this time and they are planning on expanding each year. The trails range from easier terrain to expert-only trails, with a few good moderate options thrown in the mix - plenty of options to suit your ability, choose wisely. Don't be a Fred.

Which way do I go?

Once you've chosen the trail that suits your needs, get ready to drop in, drop off, and shred some track. 

Ready. Set. No stopping, now!

 Time to dial it in, feel the breeze, and find your groove. The trails are meticulously maintained and obstacles are strategically placed all over the mountainReady for some fun?

Ready to set the table? From skinny to fat, there's some rad planks to conquer. You'll find a great assortment of artificial and natural ramps, berms and other obstacles that will give you a days work of fun and a great workout!

Don't stop now!

Of course, after some extreme gnarl, no need to face the uphill grind. Sit back, zone out, and take the easy ride back to the top.  Ready to go again? We are!

Here we go. Again.


Okay, so now that we've got you mountain dreaming, it's time to plan your stay. For a great Adirondack experience book your lodging, check out our good eats, and browse all of our local events.

Of course, if you don't feel quite up for the challenge of Oak Mountain just yet, we have plenty of less extreme biking options and road cycling routes you might enjoy. Not to mention amazing lakes to rinse off all that hard-earned John Boy'ed evidence. (And, I promise, if you see me on the trail I will try not to sound as cool as I obviously am. Yo.)

C'mon, the mountains are waiting - why are you?

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