All trails lead to... Ice cream!

Summer time heat = tasty ice cream treats!

Licks and grins

Summer is here and along with the heat comes the opening of many seasonal specialty shops. This week we're talking ice cream in the Adirondacks, and we were more than ready to go out and sample the local wares.

Your guides for this adventure include my friend, Kristen,  and my 6-year-old, Oliver — two very discerning taste-testers. I dropped the top on Jeep, slathered on the sunblock, and we hit the road on a beautiful mid-June day. Our plan: Stop at every seasonal ice cream shop we spot from Speculator to Long Lake, and order their most popular or unique item. 

The perfect ice cream eating vehicle :)

As your guides for this adventure, and speaking from experience, we suggest you follow the guidelines below:

Step 1: Work up an appetite, you'll need it.
Summit a peak, paddle a pond, chase the kids at the beach, then check out this handy-dandy guide to discovering your new favorite ice cream spot!

Step 2: Do not eat for anything else for a week leading up to this trek.
Okay, that may be a bit extreme, but who knew there were so many spots to stop!?

Step 3: No matter how big your eyes are, order small. Or baby.
If you plan to complete this trail, don't order a large at the first two stops. We speak from experience (and a 5-pound weight gain, ugh!)

Disclaimer: For the purpose of saving a few calories, we decided not to hit every Stewart's and stores that sell ice cream year-round  — I can't imagine how we would have been moving at the end of the day!

The Ice Cream Trail:
Speculator to Long Lake

Please note: These are numbered in the order we visited, not necessarily our ranking of faves - we'll let you decide that for yourself!


1. King of the Frosties

King of the Frosties started our day. "What's a frostie?" Glad you asked — we did too. It's soft-serve blended with the toppings of your choice.

Frosties! Y'know... ice cream blended with delicious toppings of choice :)

Kristen and I split a vanilla and chocolate twisted frostie with M&Ms as our topping. Oliver went with a chocolate soft-serve topped with gummy bears. 

Frosties! Y'know... ice cream blended with delicious toppings of choice :)

Note to moms: At this point I sucked it up and just decided I would deal with the sugar-high/sugar-meltdown that was bound to ensue later in the day. I mean, c'mon, how often do I let the kid splurge like this? AND... it was the first day of summer break... don't judge!

2. Lakeside Licks

Look for the sign and the cute picnic tables!

We encountered Lakeside Licks just a block or so up the road. Their specialty? A Frisbee Sundae.

Lakeside Licks specialty: Frisbee Sundae. O.M.G.

Yes, a Frisbee Sundae. Yes, (Oliver) you get to keep the frisbee.

6 Scoops of ice cream, 3 toppings, plus whipped cream & cherry $8.95 and you get to keep the frisbee. What!? How could we say no...

The ingredients? Six scoops of your choice of ice cream, topped with three toppings of your choice, plus whipped cream and cherries. 

Why did we eat lunch before we started. Why? WHY???

Note to my trainer: At this point I decided this trip was going to count as my free day (make that weekend) and I was going to just enjoy myself. Waist and waste be damned. Don't judge.


3. Happy Camper Ice Cream

Happy Camper - don't drive by this sign. Really.

Moving along we found ourselves at Happy Camper Ice Cream in Indian Lake. 

What to choose? What to choose? Pie, slushy, Adirondack Black Bear!?

Here we encountered a dilemma. Ice cream or a homemade, fresh, still-warm, Sweety Pie. But, we're smart. This is an ice cream trip, so both Kristen and I purchase a pie to take home with us. She went with blueberry, I chose the strawberry-rhubarb. Oliver chooses a blue slushy. 

Sweety pie - homemade strawberry rhubarb pie! A mere $5!

Now... back to ice cream. Happy Campers' specialty? The Adirondack Black Bear. Oh. My. A fresh chocolate waffle cone topped with chocolate ice cream, fudge, toppings, more fudge, more ice cream — you get the idea. 

How the heck are we going to take this one on?

Note to fellow chocolate-lovers: Let me tell you, this was overwhelmingly, awesomely, delicious. If you like chocolate, don't even consider the rest of the menu.  


4. Hoss'S Country Coner

Hoss's - fresh custard :)

On to Long Lake and Hoss's Coner. Now, I have been to the Corner Store many times, but this was my first time at the Coner. 

What to get, what to get??

Their specialty? Simple, old-fashioned, soft custard twist. And, this makes Oliver very happy! 

Still smiling!

Note to all: The fact that they have a little mini-golf course attached was an added bonus. What a fun way to work off a few calories and run out the sugar!


5. Custard's Last Stand

...and that's a wrap...

Custard's Last Stand was our last stand for the day. While we thought we might not be able to eat another lick, we managed to finish the job right. Kristen went with a simple vanilla, I chose chocolate. And, Oliver? Well, he went out with a bang. 

What!? Oliver is in heaven - he loves slushies :)

He chose a Glacier. A play on his favorite, standard, the Slush Puppie.

What a way to end the day!

Blue Raspberry with vanilla soft-serve. Yeah, he was a happy, happy boy.

If only we had brought the pups!

Note to pet owners: Stop here for a Doggie Bowl, because after a long day, man's best friend deserves a cool treat, too!

Last stop!

Well, we made it. You will too. Perhaps you'll even discover a new favorite flavor on the Adirondack ice cream trail! Good luck.

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