Adirondack Museum with Friends

A Trip to the Adirondack Museum with Friends

Fun with Friends

There is so much to do here in the Adirondacks, what better way to experience it than with friends??

I love getting a few friends together to go for a hike, take a boat ride, pack a picnic and head to the beach, or even check out the different bars the area has to offer! We are certainly not lacking things to do!

Adirondack Experience

Adirondack Museum Swings
One of my all-time favorite things to do is head up to the Adirondack Experience. I have lived in the Adirondacks all my life, but up until recently I had never been. I always figured — what more could I possibly learn that I don't already know? So, when my friend Kerry suggested one day that we head to Blue Mountain Lake, I was hesitant, but eventually she talked me into it. We packed up the car and Kerry, Brian (her husband), Zoey and Zane (my kids) and I took a little ride.

When we got there I was amazed at the sheer size of the museum. From the road, it doesn't look that large, but once you enter through the beautiful lobby, it seems to be never-ending. In all, the entire campus spans over 120 acres. And there was tons of stuff I didn't know!

Hands-On Experience

Adirondack Museum Firetower
There were so many awesome interactive exhibits. Zoey, my oldest, just couldn't wait to try everything out. That's one of the many great things about this museum. They really encourage kids to learn by engaging them with hands-on activities. She got to climb a firetower, "ride" in a bobsled, pretend to be a logger, and so much more.Adirondack Museum Bobsled
After a few hours of walking around, we headed to the Lake View Café where, as the name suggests, we had a beautiful view of the lake from our seats on the deck. We had some delicious sandwiches to reenergize and then we were back on our way!

Lake View Cafe Adirondack Museum
Favorite among all of us were the Schoolhouse and the Kids Cabin. The wooden swings were a big hit also! The day flew by as we walked and laughed and learned things about the Adirondacks I had never known.

Gift Shop

Zoey Adirondack Museum Silly Hat
To end the day we got a great snapshot of Brian, Kerry, and Zoey sitting in the giant Adirondack chair. It's my favorite picture of the day. On the way out, we hit up the gift shop, which is not your typical museum gift shop. They have so many great Adirondack books, and a huge section of souvenirs for the kids. We left with two wooden trail whistles — my only regret of the entire day... :)

Zoey Logger Adirondack Museum

Take a trip to the museum with your friends and check it out! Catch a sneak peak of the brand new Adirondack Experience exhibit, set to fully open in 2017. It is so much fun and you are sure to learn something new. If you want to grab lunch before you head to the museum, check out the other great restaurants in Indian Lake and Blue Mountain Lake. And don't forget your lodging reservations!

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