Ice Fishing

The Most Important Things About Ice Fishing

While the ice is currently not quite thick enough just yet, I've been giving a lot of thought to something I've always wanted to do but never have — Ice Fishing. I figured I better do a little research before my first trip out on the ice, so I asked some friends that I know are seasoned at this sport, and they came back with some great stuff for me.

 Robey Snowy Ice Fishing


When I asked my friends what the most important thing needed for ice fishing was, I got a resounding response of BEER!

Robey Beer Ice Fishing

Apparently, it is not a real day of ice fishing without a few cans of your favorite beer to share with your friends.

Mark Beer Ice Fishing

Added bonus — there is ice everywhere! In the winter, nature is like one big cooler! However, be sure to enjoy your beverages responsibly. 


The next tidbit of advice I was given was a statement of the obvious nature: It's cold out there! Ben Grier Cold Ice Fishing

Make sure to bundle up and find a friend with an ice shanty. This will help to keep you out of the wind.

Ice Shanty Piseco Lake Sarah Higgins

You're going to want waterproof, cold weather boots, as well as wool socks, snow pants, a hat, a warm coat, and thick gloves. No cotton!


It is a great way to spend time with your friends.

Robey Ice Fishing Piseco

Whether you are out on the ice for a day of serious fishing or just looking for something fun to do on a winter afternoon, its always great to have some company.Robey Ice Fishing Piseco

Getting On The Ice

Snowmobiling is a favorite pastime in the Adirondacks, but it is also a great way to get yourself and your gear out onto the lake. Four wheelers are pretty useful, too.

Jaime Parslow Ice Fishing Snowmobile

If partaking in the aforementioned libations advice, make sure to have a sober driver for your snowmobile. Be safe! Laura O'Connor Ice Fishing Snowmobile

Kids to Adults

Another thing that was pointed out to me was that ice fishing is fun for all ages. Amy Germain Ice Fishing Piseco LakeEveryone from kids to adults can enjoy being out on the lake in the winter air, competing to see who can catch the biggest fish. If you really want to make it a competition, plan ahead to join us at an annual ice fishing derby!

participateLaura O'Connor Ice Fishing with Kids

Other On Ice Activities

Fish aren't biting? Don't forget to bring along the golf clubs to pass the time. Laura O'Connor Ice Golf

Just watch out for others on the ice! 

Where to Fish

There are lots of great places to ice fish around the Adirondacks. Laura O'Connor Ice Shanty

And so many more.  Check with the DEC to see which lakes are public and private, which fish can be found in each lake, and any special regulations that may apply. And always make sure the ice is safe! Ice Fishing Hole Laura O'Connor

I will definitely be making my way out onto the ice this winter to see what it's all about. You should too! 


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