How to Bartend

How To: Bartend

Learn To Make Your Favorite Cocktails!

Hello 2017!
It's a new year, so why not take the time to learn something new? Here's something easy you can learn, and that's sure to impress your friends at your next party — how to bartend! Learning how to make a few of your favorite cocktails is easy and fun. So, as you get ready to pack your bags and head to the Adirondacks for a long winter weekend, don't forget to bring these essentials!Glasses
A few basic supplies you should start out with:
• Cocktail shaker and strainer
• Glasses: pints, rocks glasses, martini glasses
• Ice
• Alcohol: Gin, Rum, Vodka, Tequila, Whiskey
• Mixers: soda, juice, vermouth (sweet and dry) 
• Garnishes: olives, lemons, limes, salt Cocktail Shaker

A lot of popular drinks are very easy to make, as the ingredients are right in the name, such as rum and coke, or gin and tonic. Other cocktails are a little more complex, but easy to learn. Knowing how to make these classic libations will be sure to make you a hit among your crowd!

The Martini Martini

While the classic martini is made with gin, in recent years vodka martinis have also become very popular. Start by putting some ice into your cocktail shaker. Then add 3oz of your choice of vodka or gin, followed by 1oz of dry vermouth, poured or strained into a glass. A good martini can either be served up in a martini glass or on ice in a rocks glass. Garnish with a lemon twist or a few olives.

The Manhattan Manhattan

Named for the city where it originated, this drink can also be served straight up or on the rocks. In your cocktail shaker, add 2oz of whiskey, 1oz of sweet vermouth, and a dash of angostura bitters. Garnish with a cherry and enjoy!

The Margarita Margarita

If you're dreaming of warmer weather,  but a vacation isn't in the foreseeable future, make yourself a beachy drink. This delicious cocktail can be served straight up, on the rocks, or blended. Add 2oz of tequila to your cocktail shaker, 1oz of sour mix, and 1oz of triple sec. Dip the rim of your glass in a little lime juice and then in some kosher salt. If you're a fan of salt like me, drop a pinch of salt into your shaker before you strain it. Add a wedge of lime and you're ready to pretend you're on a beach somewhere.

The Cosmopolitan Cosmopolitan

Better known as a Cosmo, the history of this drink goes back to the 1930s — even though it is seen as a more modern drink. This drink is typically served in a chilled martini glass. In an ice-filled shaker, pour 2oz of vodka, 1/2oz of triple sec, 1 1/2oz of cranberry juice, and a squeeze of fresh lime. Once poured into the martini glass, garnish with a slice of lime, and drink up!

The Bloody Mary Bloody Mary

The Bloody Mary is great for an afternoon cocktail or if you're looking for a little hair of the dog to help from the enjoyment of a previous night's cocktail. Pour 3oz of vodka, 6oz of tomato juice, a pinch of celery salt, a pinch of pepper, a dash of Tabasco, and a bit of horseradish — depending on how much spice you like. Shake well and then pour over ice. Bloody Marys have been known to be garnished with everything from cocktail shrimp to carrots, but the standard garnish is either a stalk of celery or a lemon, and a nice big green olive.

Making drinks for your friends can be a lot of fun, but when it's time to take the night off and treat yourself, check out all of the great local bars and restaurants that the Adirondacks has to offer! 

Make it your resolution to try a new Adirondack activity in 2017!

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