Winter Waterfall Challenge

Winter Waterfall Challenge

Have you checked out the Adirondack Experience Waterfall Challenge?

With 19 waterfalls to explore, ranging in difficulty from easy (1 point) to difficult (4 points), there are options for all ages and skill levels! All you have to do is earn 12 points, send in the completed challenge, and we will mail you a free waterfall patch! Waterfall Challenge and Patch

While spring is the optimal time to check them out, when the snow has melted and the water levels are high, if you choose to visit during the winter you'll experience a whole different world.
Everything from the rocks, to tree branches, to the water are iced over, seemingly freezing time. A lot of the larger falls don't always completely freeze over, but are still a sight to be seen!
I recommend dressing warmly and either strapping on some snowshoes or some spikes on your boots! It can get cold, wet and slippery. Some of the waterfalls are easier to get to than others, and they are just as enjoyable to view. Bog River

Christine Falls

Since I was a kid, Christine Falls has always been one of my favorites. It's a beautiful spot to take a swim in the summer and maybe have a picnic. This year was the first time I have gone in the winter. While I wasn't dressed as appropriately as I should have been, I went as far as I could manage. And it was breathtaking. All of the rocks are glazed over with ice and just through the trees you can still hear and see the water gushing over the dam.
Christine Falls

Whiskey Brook Falls

Another easy stop is Whiskey Brook Falls. This one is located just off the side of Route 30 heading north from Speculator. I could hardly believe this beautiful little waterfall was situated just off the road. This one was completely frozen when I visited. Whiskey Brook Falls Winter

Buttermilk Falls

I also really enjoy Buttermilk Falls in Long Lake. A quick little hike through the woods off of North Point Road brought me to the Raquette River and a beautiful, wide waterfall. There are great spots there to have a picnic during the summer, or just to take a walk along the river.

Buttermilk Falls Winter
Death Falls

One of the more impressive waterfalls, considering the ease to get to it, is Death Falls in Raquette Lake. The Falls are almost 70 feet high  as they head into Death Stream. The walk will barely take you five minutes!Death Falls Winter
Whether you are looking for an awesome winter hike, or you are dreaming ahead to spring and summer, make sure you check out the Waterfall Challenge! It is not only fun but rewarding. Don't forget to check out our other challenges like the Firetower Challenge! Make sure to dress appropriately for the weather, and don't forget to bring correct footwear for the trails!
While you are in the area, grab a bite to eat and make a mini getaway of it!

This week ADK stolen slogans: The Adirondacks that never sleeps in big sky country is for lovers.      

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