Stories of the Adirondacks

Mitch Lee

An Adirondack Story Teller

A place this full of history needs people to tell its stories, which is why we are fortunate enough to have a rich supply of historians, songwriters, and storytellers. 

Mitch Lee, tourism


One such famed Adirondack Storyteller is Inlet's own Mitch Lee. He grew up in the West Central Adirondacks, where he learned to love the place he came from. When Mitch was 18 years old he realized he had stories to tell, and he wanted to share them. Mitch went away to school, where he obtained his Masters in Arts Education, but then he returned to Inlet, where he started working as the Director of Parks and the Assistant Director of Tourism for the town. 

Getting Into Character Mitch Lee in character

Mitch loves telling stories while in character, such as a soldier from the American Revolution, and he makes you feel like you were there yourself. He loves to perform while he story tells, and his favorite places to do that are in the great rooms of Adirondack camps and cabins.

See It to Believe It Mitch Lee, Inlet

There are professional recordings of his storytellings, but  the only way to hear his performances are in person. The recordings are archived at the Adirondack Experience, the Museum on Blue Mountain Lake. He does, however, have some of his stories and illustrations occasionally featured in the Weekly Adirondack Newspaper. 

Other Stories Adirondack Experience, The Museum On Blue Mountain Lake

If you are looking for some interesting  Adirondack stories, you can also visit the Adirondack Experience, the Museum on Blue Mountain Lake. not only are there fascinating exhibits throughout the museum, but the employees and volunteers almost always have some fascinating stories they love to tell. 

Indian Lake Museum


Another great place to hear some amazing stories are the local historians, who can be found around the Adirondacks, and at the smaller museums. From the Hamilton County Historian, to most of the small towns, each community has their own amazing stories to tell.

Come visit us and see all of the stories we have to share!

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