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Finn-tastic Nordic Skiing!

Feb 26, 2018
I've heard that people who live in NYC often never visit the Statue of Liberty and that there are people who live in Florida that have never seen the Everglades. That's how I feel about Lapland Lake...

Snowshoeing Fun

Feb 19, 2018
Most kids love playing in the snow — building snowmen, sledding, skiing. But last year, my kids took up a hobby that I wasn't overly familiar with... snowshoeing! They started out clomping around in...

Skis and Snacks

Feb 05, 2018
The air is super crisp, cold, and clean as I drop my skis down at the trailhead. A fluffy poof of snow jumps into the air where the skis land. I take a deep breath and look around. The boughs of the...

Essential Trail Stops

Jan 29, 2018
Author:Pamela Merritt
I've heard it from people who know: snowmobiling in the heart of the Adirondacks is amazing.   It's the little things, like the pleasant, uncrowded, Department of Motor Vehicles. Register your out-of...

Things To Do Indoors

Jan 22, 2018
We are right in the thick of winter here in the Adirondacks and let me tell you what, it has been COLD! There have been many consecutive nights of negative temperatures — some nights as low as -20,...

A Gift For Everyone

Dec 18, 2017
We all know people who are just impossible to shop for. Well, let me break down the perfect Adirondack gifts — by personality! The Adventure Seeker Do you know someone who's an adrenaline junkie and...

Holiday Shopping Ugh

Dec 11, 2017
Author:RaChelle Hosley
We all know that sometimes holiday shopping can be a real drag. Going to the same stores, shopping for the same people - who seem to have everything ... This year, why not mix it up a little? Give...

Plan Out Your Adirondack Winter!

Dec 04, 2017
C'mon, everyone! Get ready for some winter fun!(And maybe cross a few gift purchases off your list!) When I woke up this morning, it was 4 degrees. There's also a nice 2-inch layer of fresh snow on...

Getting Ready for Winter

Nov 25, 2017
We are just getting our first official snowfall, so now is the time to get prepared so you are not caught off guard! Snowmobile If you own your own snowmobiles, now is the time to get them registered...

Stories of the Adirondacks

Nov 19, 2017
Author:RaChelle Hosley
A place this full of history needs people to tell its stories, which is why we are fortunate enough to have a rich supply of historians, songwriters, and storytellers.  INLET'S STORYTELLER One such...


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