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5 Ways To Explore Adirondack History 

Aug 21, 2017
Like Peas and Carrots In my mind, there is something about autumn and history that go together like peas and carrots! It might be that the kids are back in school and already looking forward to class...

Small Towns in the Adirondacks

Aug 20, 2017
When is comes to the Adirondacks, you may think of some of the larger towns like Long Lake or Speculator. But here, we are also famous for our small towns! Hope and Benson Let's start way down south...

My Favorite Restaurants

Aug 07, 2017
Author:RaChelle Hosley
The Adirondacks are a great place for many things such as hiking, paddling, and camping. But one of the things done really well here is food! I haven't had the chance to eat at all of the great...

Exploring Chimney Mountain

Aug 06, 2017
Author:Shaun Kittle
The enormous pillar of stone seemed to rise from the mist like a brontosaur lifting its head. I had ascended the steep, bedrock-paved trail, clambered over boulders, and then, through the treetops, I...

7 Days at Lake Durant

Jul 31, 2017
 My adventures in  car camping days began a few years ago . While paddling on a local lake, I encountered a  friend paddling with other people from the Albany area. I was all ears when they told...

Adirondack Saddle Tours

Jul 23, 2017
It was a beautiful day in July when my friend Stephanie and I hopped in the car and headed north. Our end goal was Inlet, or more specifically, Adirondack Saddle Tours. I was going to take my first...

Paddling and Birding Along the Bog River

Jul 17, 2017
You Can't Miss a Chance to Paddle Here Wren and I had the opportunity to paddle the Bog River the other day and we couldn't turn down the chance to do so. After all, the Bog River is a great place to...

Swimming Holes

Jul 10, 2017
Summer is upon us, and do you know the best way to cool down? Head to a lake! Throw a blanket, some towels, and a snack in the car and go to the beach to take a swim. There are plenty of local...

An Inlet Adventure

Jul 04, 2017
After a rainy start to the summer we finally had a beautiful, sunny day. My friends and I were feeling adventurous and wanted to do some mountain biking. We searched for different options and decided...

Favorite Experience

Jul 04, 2017
We all have our favorite experiences and adventures. I certainly have quite a few of my own including hiking, going to the beach, and stopping by Donuts and More for hot donuts and the best breakfast...


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