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Arts in the Park

Gearing up for another standout summer! The Adirondack Lakes Center for the Arts in Blue Mountain Lake is set to offer up another summer full of entertaining experiences. This creative gem is housed...

Hamilton County Waterfalls---Wet Weather Wonderlands

Author:Spencer Morrissey
Hamilton County is loaded with waterfalls and after the last few weeks of heavy rain those waterfalls are loaded with water and that opens up some serious opportunities for scenic hiking, and...

A Beautiful Weekend for the 11th Annual Adirondack Birding Festival!

Author:Joan Collins
The three-day annual Adirondack Birding Festival was held for the 11th year in a row with perfect weather! Sixty-seven people traveled to Hamilton County to attend field trips, dine on the W.W....

July's a Hot Month!

Author:Michelle Clement
With a stellar 4th of July weekend upon us, it should be known that July is when the event calendar hits its peak!  In fact, there are so many great events scheduled this month that writing a "...

Independence Day in Our Corner of the 'Dacks

Author:Michelle Clement
July starts with a BANG! From thousands of falling ping pong balls, to bed races, parades and dazzling firework displays, to say the events calendar for July 4th weekend is jam-packed is simply an...

Camping in Hamilton County --- New York State Style

Author:Spencer Morrissey
State camping in Hamilton County The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) has numerous campgrounds throughout New York, but in the Adirondack Park we have some of the finest...

Barker Mountain and Barker Pond

Author:Spencer Morrissey
In search of trail potential I have been working with the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) off and on, trying to determine locations of family-friendly trails, in particular in Hamilton...

Metcalf Mountain, an Indian Lake 3k’er

Author:Spencer Morrissey
Metcalf Mountain There is a small group of hiking enthusiasts out there whose goal is to climb all the Hamilton County 3000 foot mountains. This is a pretty decent accomplishment considering it's a ...

Rollin' on Two Wheels

Author:Michelle Clement
So Much to Explore... A year ago this week, I started a new job which not only allowed me to continue to work and live in the place that I love, but it has encouraged/nudged/forced (pick your word of...

Accessible Camping & Fishing at John Dillon Park

Author:Michelle Clement
A Fully Accessible Campground Located in the heart of the Adirondack Park, just north of the Hamlet of Long Lake you will find International Paper's John Dillon Park. Operated by Paul Smith's College...


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