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$325,000 Awarded to Hamilton County to Track Tree Migration

Author:Michelle Clement
For Immediate Release HAMILTON COUNTY, NEW YORK - Hamilton County, NY received a big boost this week for their upcoming effort to track tree movement on the forest floor. The Forest Migration...

Death Falls, Estelle Pond and Estelle Mountain

Author:Spencer Morrissey
Hiking in Hamilton County Estelle Mountain lays a simple 1.1 miles off the main corridor heading to and from Raquette Lake, and with such close proximity I just had to head out into the wilderness to...

Buck Meadow Mountain

Exploring a remote peak in the Siamese Pond Wilderness Note: Please respect the rights of property owners and stay on the trail — there is no public access to Kings Flow at this time. Buck Meadow...

Top 7 Reasons Not To Snowmobile Hamilton County ADK

Blogger's note 3/1/17: I have to admit, this was one of my favorite blog adventures ever. I haven't been on the trails yet this year - it's obviously time to go back and relive this true Adirondack...

Ski Inlet to Raquette Lake

A Bitter Cold Day! On the morning of my recent March cross-country ski trip, the temperature was 24 below zero! I gave the day a few hours to warm up, and skied at noon with a more respectable 16...

7 Weird Adirondack Things That Will Make You Wonder

We all associate the Adirondack Park with being a pristine wilderness area full of endless opportunities for outdoor recreation. But, like all places, there is more to these small towns and villages...

Hike like a dog - recreation with man’s best friend

Author:Spencer Morrissey
Being a dog hiker!!! As with many of you, I enjoy hiking with my four-legged companion. But for many of you reading this, maybe this hasn't been a pleasure you have yet partaken in. While fun, it is...

The Origin of the Great Camp Style Architecture

Author:Michelle Clement
The "Gilded Age" in America was a time of rapid economic growth, and those who achieved such wealth celebrated it like never before. It was during this era that the Adirondack Park became one of the...

A Half Dozen snowshoe destinations in the Indian Lake Region for the entire family

Author:Spencer Morrissey
A Half Dozen snowshoe destinations in the Indian Lake Region for the entire family Indian Lake is home to some the finest snowshoeing available in Hamilton County ranging from tough excursions to...

Black History Month: One Family's Legacy

Author:Michelle Clement
On June 25, 2011, Dr. Roland M. Brown, Jr. donated his father's Congressional Gold Medal to the Adirondack Experience, The Museum on Blue Mountain Lake in Blue Mountain Lake.  His father was awarded...


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