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A Taste of Mexico in the Adirondacks

Author:Michelle Clement
The expansive Adirondack Park is comprised of over 6 million acres of land. If you were to translate that into city blocks, you would be able to fit more than 15 million blocks within the park....

A Trail to Veteran's Day...

Author:Michelle Clement
Over the years, I have created my own Veteran's Day tradition. As long as I am not working, the day typically goes as follows: Early Morning - Wake and spend some time with my family. Late Morning -...

Post Thanksgiving Holiday Shopping Extravaganza

Author:Dean Nervik
November is an especially quiet time for recreational events in our neck of the woods, sort of the "calm before the storm" of winter. But, don't be fooled as there are several fun annual holiday...

Learning to Hunt (Part 2)

Author:Michelle Clement
This fall I decided that I was going to learn how to hunt (with a little bit of encouragement). In September, I began my journey by learning the basics of gun safety, finding a hunting instructor and...

Hiking & Birding the Shallow Lake Trail

Author:Alan Belford
Getting Started on the Trail After fixing a flat tire picked up by driving so many dirt roads (Wren slept in the sun while I change the tire), Wren and I made it to the trailhead for Shallow Lake....

A Fall Paddle on Twitchell Lake

Author:Alan Belford
A Well-known Lake Wren and I had been camping near Stillwater Reservoir and we drove south through Big Moose to Twitchell Lake – right near the Herkimer-Hamilton County line, for a paddle. I chatted...

5 Tips (x2) For Planning Your NY Ski Trip

Author:Michelle Clement
Bring on the Powder! The first snowflakes of the season are behind us; we've reorganized the garage (packing away the camping gear in exchange for the snowboards, skis, boots and poles), and now we...

Camping & Birding in the Moose River Plains

Author:Alan Belford
Wind in the Trees I woke off and on throughout the night to the wind racing through the trees. A new weather pattern was rolling into the area. Wren and I were camping in the Moose River Plains...

Hiking & Birding Wakely Mountain

Author:Alan Belford
Wakely Mountain sits as a lonesome sentinel brooding above the Moose River Plains, and it is one of the tallest mountains in the park outside of the High Peaks Region. Wren and I set out on the trail...

Do you know Blue Mountain Lake's electric legacy?

Author:Michelle Clement
Adirondack Facts  The Adirondacks are filled with interesting facts - like did you know that there are over 2,000 miles of hiking trails in the Adirondack Park? Or did you know that the Adirondacks...


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