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Camping & Birding in the Moose River Plains

Author:Alan Belford
Wind in the Trees I woke off and on throughout the night to the wind racing through the trees. A new weather pattern was rolling into the area. Wren and I were camping in the Moose River Plains...

Hiking & Birding Wakely Mountain

Author:Alan Belford
Wakely Mountain sits as a lonesome sentinel brooding above the Moose River Plains, and it is one of the tallest mountains in the park outside of the High Peaks Region. Wren and I set out on the trail...

Do you know Blue Mountain Lake's electric legacy?

Author:Michelle Clement
Adirondack Facts  The Adirondacks are filled with interesting facts - like did you know that there are over 2,000 miles of hiking trails in the Adirondack Park? Or did you know that the Adirondacks...

The Lure of Lovely Lake Lila

Author:Joan Collins
Warming Octobers Thursday, October 2, and it still felt like summer with temperatures in the 70s. I raced from a long day at work and threw my camping supplies together at record speed. Friday held...

Paddling South Inlet

Author:Alan Belford
A Cool and Foggy Start The  mid-October day started foggy and cool as we awoke in camp, but I knew the sun would soon burn it off. After a short hike, Wren and I made our way to South Inlet which...

Paddling Cedar River Flow

Author:Alan Belford
The Canvas of a Fall Landscape With a picturesque fall day stretched out before us, Wren and I set out from Wakely Dam onto Cedar River Flow as a soft south breeze brought us warm temps and played...

Oak Mountain Welcomes Chef Lou From Hell's Kitchen

Author:Michelle Clement
A thing of the past In the past, if someone were to have asked me to imagine food options at a ski area, two images would have come to mind: Exhibit A - Nachos... better described as canned "cheese...

Paddling Wakely Pond

Author:Alan Belford
Calling an Audible I had planned on paddling and exploring Cedar River Flow this past weekend and loaded up my gear for the trip with Wren. It was a breezy, overcast day, but I was hopeful we could...

Hike into Spectacular OK Slip Falls

New Trail To the Falls Humans are inextricably drawn to water in all its forms. We are particularly captivated by falling water. The sights and sounds of waterfalls are mesmerizing. One of the...

An Adirondack Ghost Story

Author:Michelle Clement
Over the past few weeks I have devoted quite a bit of my time to learning how to hunt. And now as the calendar switches from early to late fall, I am continuing on with that mission. However, in the...


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