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Rainy Days: A Great Way to Enjoy the Adirondacks

Oct 22, 2018
Many Adirondack plans are made when you are picturing that perfect crisp royal blue sky day….But, the weather may have other ideas in mind. Instead of getting frustrated and feeling that you have to...

Put Your Best Foot Forward This Hunting Season

Oct 15, 2018
It was mid afternoon as I made my way to the tree that had been my “spot” for about a week now. I quickly assembled my climbing tree stand and then carefully worked my way up the trunk. From my...

A World of Beauty in Wells

Oct 04, 2018
There's a sculpture park in the town of Wells that is open for tours by appointment. The Adirondack - Sacandaga River Sculpture Park features the work of internationally recognized sculptor John Van...

It’s Time To Think Snow!

Sep 30, 2018
OK, I know what you're thinking: No. Way. "I haven't even gone trick-or-treating with the kids yet." "I have 17 relatives coming for Thanksgiving dinner!" But...YES, WAY! Now is the time to start...

A Paddle and Picnic with Family

Sep 24, 2018
Author:Eileen Mowrey
I purchased my first kayak, the same one I still use today, when I was nine years old. My older brother and I had recently gone paddling for the first time during an Adirondack vacation. My parents,...

Long Lake, Leaf Season

Sep 23, 2018
Thinking of a fall getaway? There are many flavors. If some of your favorite plans include a cozy Adirondack lodge by a lovely lake, consider the Long View. The Long View Lodge, that is. The Lodge...

Six Super Short Hikes

Sep 10, 2018
Stress. It’s just hard to avoid no matter what you do in your life. The solution? Nature. Just being outside for as little as fifteen minutes, surrounded by as much of the natural world as possible,...

Exploring Fishing Brook and Shaw Pond

Sep 06, 2018
A Paddle to End the Day With the warm afternoon sun dropping low enough to create shadows along the waterways, I decided to fit in one last paddle for the day. And so, Wren and I drove a few miles...

Birding Sabattis Bog and Paddling Round Lake

Sep 05, 2018
Starting at Sabattis Wren and I were out early the other day, starting our trip at Sabattis Bog. Early mornings are key at Sabattis, as the road can get fairly busy when folks are heading in to...

Grands Camp at Great Camp Sagamore

Aug 27, 2018
Author:Beth Lomnitzer
In 1985, Dr. Arthur Kornhaber, a New York City psychiatrist, came to Great Camp Sagamore with an idea. He had recently published a book called "Grandparents/Grandchildren: The Vital Connection" and...


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