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Fishing for a Good Time With Your Kids

May 21, 2018
Whether you’re looking for a way to get your kids outdoors, sneak in a little extra family time, or just go out and show your son or daughter how to catch their own dinner, fishing can be a great...

Arr mateys! It's Pirates Weekend

May 13, 2018
Avast, ye mateys! Calling all landlubbers and scallywags alike! There is a brand new event coming to the Speculator region—Pirates Weekend! This action-packed weekend is full of fun stuff for...

The Small Town of Wells

Apr 22, 2018
Author:RaChelle Hosley
Wells is a small town located in the Southern Adirondacks. It is also where I grew up and spent most of my young childhood. It's where I remember my first home, and my first school. My sister and I...

Spring Birding...with Crossbills too!

Apr 15, 2018
Author:Joan Collins
With a one-in-twenty year bumper food crop this past winter, Red and White-winged Crossbills irrupted into the Adirondacks, with the largest concentration occurring in Long Lake. Birders traveled...

Ten Reasons to Get Your Raft On

Apr 14, 2018
Author:Michelle Clement
Confessions of a whitewater virgin... I'm embarrassed to say this, especially because the opportunity to do so is practically in my backyard, but until this past Saturday, I had never been whitewater...

Guide to a great day on the Hudson!

Apr 08, 2018
“All Forward!” “Stop!” “Back on the right!” “Hit the deck!” For eight years as a licensed whitewater raft guide, I’ve called out these - and other - commands to many different crews on my raft....

Whitewater adventure, my way

Apr 04, 2018
As a child I loved to read adventure stories. Climbing Everest, exploring remote jungles, and searching for the North Pole sounded very exciting. But as I grew up, reality intruded. I was on the...

Julia Burton Preston, An Original Adirondack Guide

Mar 25, 2018
The geography and the landscape of the Adirondacks have always formed a sort of “border of challenges." Let’s face it: living here isn't always easy. The winters can be long. The roads are few. The...

Speculator Vacation

Mar 05, 2018
While we are quickly heading into spring, I've got sun and fun on my mind. I'm thinking summer and vacation!  As I have lived in the Adirondacks my whole life, sometimes is can be difficult to see my...

Five fantastic Adirondack falls

Mar 05, 2018
Spring hiking in the Adirondacks is unlike being there any other time — the place feels like it's overflowing. Water spills off of cliffs that are dry most of the year and streams swell to...


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