Red River

Red River

This slow moving, "perfect Adirondack wilderness" river is full of native fish at its southern end and has easy fishing locations for any angler. The shoreline around the bridge is open and sandy, but not home to more than chubs for fishing.

The rest of the river can be fished with waders or by using deer trails to get to the shoreline edges. Small pack boats can also navigate it when the water is up. Many beaver dams and thousands of untouched pools await your visit.


It's 5-mile drive into the Moose River Plains Wild Forest from the Limekiln entrance in Inlet. The access road has a rough, gravel surface. Rock Dam Trail extends 1.4 miles from the end of Rock Dam Road to the confluence of the South Branch of the Moose River and the Red River.


It's up to 10 miles round trip on the river when the water level is high.

Red River contains a lot of beaver dams that have to be maneuvered over, and the channel is only about two boats wide. This is not a leisurely paddle, and navigating Red River with small children is not recommended.

Winter Overview

Red River is not recommended for winter access as the Moose River Plains Wild Forest is a snowmobile corridor and not open to cars or trucks in the winter.

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