Barker Mountain

Barker Mountain

This small peak is obscure with no real trail to the summit; but does have a faint herd path to follow once you leave the access trail. GPS, map and compass, and navigation experience is a must. While no trail exists on this small rewarding summit, future plans may change that to open up the option of a wonderful family hiking destination. Keep checking back with us for updates.

How to get there

From the intersection of Route 28 and Route 30 in Blue Mountain Lake follow Route 28/30 for just under 4-miles to the access road for O'Neill Flow on the left. This access road is very rough and should be driven with extreme care. Follow here over Rock River and at the next intersection take a right, there is a sign here for Barker Pond. This next section of road has the potential to be slightly flooded by beaver so you may end up having to walk this; the road dead ends at the trail for Barker Pond.

Trail Description

From the Barker Pond Trailhead the mountain is to your left, the opposite side of the road as the trail. This lower portion of the mountain has been logged and is a bit hard to walk through. The terrain is not steep and never at any point is very thick, but small bands of spruce near the top. The top has outstanding views to the west and southwest from a narrow band of open rock.



Round Trip Distance

1.0 miles

Estimated Round Trip Time

  • Family with Young Kids: Not recommended
  • Experienced Hiker: 2 hours
  • Inexperienced Hiker: Not recommended

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