Bear Pond Hunt Club/Uncas Road

Bear Pond Hunt Club/Uncas Road

The trail on the right is flagged at the beginning with yellow and red tape. Keep a lookout for this junction as it is easily missed. The road is rocky as you approach and the right turn off is sharp. This trail is fairly flat with gentle, rolling hills.


Turn right off the road from Sagamore and there will be a gate that can be ridden around on the left. Follow this rocky road for a while and come to a bridge. Climb up a slight incline away from the bridge, and look for a trail sign on the left side of the road pointing to the right.


1.9 miles from the Rondaxe parking area trailhead to the summit.

It can take about 3 hours to do this hike, and about half that on a mountain bike.

Winter Overview

Recommended for snowshoe access only. Parking is not authorized here in the winter.

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