Eighth Lake Campground/Uncas Road

Eighth Lake Campground/Uncas Road

Winter Overview: During the winter this trail is snowmobile access only and not recommended for ski or snowshoe travel.   

Follow the main road through Eighth Lake State Campground. Continue straight along the wide trail where the road takes a left and you will soon pass over a bridge. At the first fork, turn left; right is a spur trail to Eagle’s Nest Lake.

At 2.7 miles there's a trail junction for Black Bear Mountain. Follow the signs to Uncas Road, which is also known as Brown’s Tract Road. At 7 miles from Route 28 the trail meets Uncas Road, which is a dirt road.

Location: From downtown Inlet drive 5 miles northeast to the Eighth Lake State Campground on the left. A day use fee is required.

Distance: It's 3.5 miles one way.

Family with Young Kids: Up to a 5 hour loop hike. Up to 4 hours on a mountain bike.

Experienced Hiker: Up to a 3.5 hour loop hike. Up to 2 hours on a mountain bike.

Out of Shape Hiker: Up to a 5 hour loop hike. Up to 4 hours on a mountain bike.

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