Eighth Lake Campground/Uncas Road

Eighth Lake Campground/Uncas Road

Follow the main road through Eighth Lake State Campground. Continue straight along the wide trail where the road takes a left and you will soon pass over a bridge. At the first fork, turn left; right is a spur trail to Eagle’s Nest Lake.

At 2.7 miles there's a trail junction for Black Bear Mountain. Follow the signs to Uncas Road, which is also known as Brown’s Tract Road. At 7 miles from Route 28 the trail meets Uncas Road, which is a dirt road.

Location: From downtown Inlet drive 5 miles northeast to the Eighth Lake State Campground on the left. A day use fee is required.

Distance: It's 3.5 miles one way.

Family with Young Kids: Up to a 5 hour loop hike. Up to 4 hours on a mountain bike.

Experienced Hiker: Up to a 3.5 hour loop hike. Up to 2 hours on a mountain bike.

Out of Shape Hiker: Up to a 5 hour loop hike. Up to 4 hours on a mountain bike.


Winter Overview: During the winter this trail is snowmobile access only and not recommended for ski or snowshoe travel.   

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