Moose River Trail to Slide Off Mountain

Moose River Trail to Slide Off Mountain

This small peak is obscure with no real trail to the summit; but does have a faint herd path to follow once you leave the access trail. GPS, map and compass, and navigation experience is a must.

How to get there

From the intersection of Route 28 and Rondaxe Road follow Rondaxe Road for 1.4 miles to a small crossover junction between two roads that run parallel to one another. Turn right onto this crossover road then an immediate left. Go 0.5 miles over a bridge and make a right at the next corner onto what is called North Rondaxe Road. Continue for 0.75 miles to the snowmobile trail on the left, this is the trailhead.

Trail Description

From the trailhead the route starts out following a DEC marked snowmobile trail but during the non-winter months it is used as a hiking trail. The trail is quite wide and heavily used by snowmobiles keeping it in good shape. After about 0.4 miles the snowmobile trail splits. Take a right at this intersection and follow the trail toward the Moose River. This section of snowmobile trail is very attractive with several small wetlands, bridges and ample wildflowers. This snowmobile trail will end at a widening on the river, a secondary trail continues but access private land and should not be used.

To access Slide Off Mountain you can start from this widening of the river and take a heading north to locate the ridgeline. There is a faint herd path in this area, but you should be prepared for off-trail navigation. Keep the steep ledges of the mountain to your right and you will soon find yourself at some nice viewing areas out over the river. Be careful atop the ledges they are quite steep. The summit is lacking in views, but if you feel the need to top off on a peak, it lies not much further up the steep slopes.



Round Trip Distance

4.1 miles

2.0 miles, trail only

Estimated Round Trip Time

  • Family with Young Kids: Not recommended
  • Experienced Hiker: 3 to 4 hours
  • Out of Shape Hiker: Mountain not recommended, trail only 2 to 2.5 hours

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