Mud Pond - Indian Lake

Mud Pond - Indian Lake

How to get there

From the intersection of Route 28 and Route 30 in Indian Lake follow Route 28 toward North Hudson for around 1.4 miles to Chain Lake Road on the left and drive Chain Lake Road to the gate at the end. The distance to the gate depends on the time of year you visit. There is a gate that is often closed for mud season, but during non-mud season you can get through to another gate about a mile further in.

Trail Description

From the gate you will start your hike along the forest road. You will either be by the outer gate during mud season or the inner gate which is by the old hunting club house. This entire hike is along a forest road which is in excellent condition and very easy to walk. You will hike on a slight uphill to the height-of-land which is to the SW of Big Pisgah Mountain before descending gently to Mud Pond. Mud Pond gets pretty close to the trail but you may need to step off the trail a bit to get the best pictures. The trail continues for about another mile or more to the Cedar River.

Round Trip Distance

5.4 miles, from outer gate

Approximate Round Trip time

Family with Young Kids

  • 3 to 3.5 hours

Experienced Hiker

  • 2 to 2.5 hours

Inexperienced Hiker

  • 2.5 to 3 hours

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