Mud Pond Mountain

Fall views from Mud Pond Mountain are jaw-dropping!
Fall views from Mud Pond Mountain are jaw-dropping!
A hiker enjoys the fall scenery on Mud Pond Mountain.
A hiker enjoys the fall scenery on Mud Pond Mountain.
The view from Mud Pond Mountain
The view from Mud Pond Mountain


Kickerville Road
Long Lake, NY 12847

Mud Pond Mountain gets little use. It's a real hidden gem! While this area is off limits some of the year, it is open for public recreation from August 23 to June 23 when the Boy Scout camp is not in session.

Getting there

From the intersection of Route 28N and Route 30 in Long Lake, follow Route 30 toward Tupper Lake. Continue through town and locate Kickerville Road on the right, about 0.6 miles past the bridge over Long Lake. Follow Kickerville Road to the Stone Building at the end. From here a dirt road passes to its right - this leads to the Cedarlands Boy Scout Camp. The road is marked as private but it is open to the public to a gravel parking lot. Drive down this dirt road for around 1-mile to the designated public parking on the left.

By the numbers

  • Distance: 6 miles, round trip


From the parking area return to the road and take a left onto the access road and walk this for about 0.3 miles to a split in the road and three gates. Take a left and follow this forest road to access the easement for 2.2 miles. It's easy going and mellow along the road. The trail up the mountain will be on your left after 2.2 miles. It's 0.75 miles to the summit from here, but it's quite steep.

The trail is slightly obscure and not used all that much, but easy enough to follow with some care and attention to the blue trail markers.

The road approach is very easy and you will pass by two canoe carry trails to Mud Pond and one to McRorie Lake. The views toward the High Peaks and over McRoarie Lake are some of the finest in the region. 

Special note

The public is allowed to use the easement, lakes, and trails between August 23rd and June 23rd. The lands are privately owned by the Boy Scouts of America. There is no public use of the adjacent Base Camp Area at any time

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