Muskrat Pond

Muskrat Pond

From the end of Indian River Road, at the trailhead parking, you will pass through boulders blocking the way from vehicular traffic. This is an old road, so the footing is superb.

The grade is quite easy as the trail climbs over the gently rolling hills. At about 1.6 miles from the parking area the Muskrat Trail comes in on the left. The side spur is marked as 0.1 mile, but it is clearly less than that. The trail drops to the shore of the long pond. Muskrat Pond is much more attractive than the name seems to imply — the colors here in fall are quite amazing.


From the intersection of Route 28 and Limekiln Road in Inlet follow Limekiln Road. Continue to Moose River Plains Road on the left and follow here. Continue on Moose River Plains Road to Otter Brook Road which will be your second right. Eventually this turns into Indian River Road which you can follow to the end. These roads through the Moose River Plains are very rough, but can be driven in most cars with some care at slow speeds.

Distance Round Trip

3.4 miles

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