Old Railroad/Dillon Road


Uncas Road
Inlet, NY 13360

The old railroad track starts across the road from the Browns Tract beach access on Uncas Road. There are two options from this point — stay on the old Uncas Road and go over Fox Mountain or to take the old railroad bed into the village of Raquette Lake. The railroad is an easier route into Raquette Lake, which is reached in 2.5 miles.


The end of the old railroad becomes Dillon Road. Once you pass the small library to your right, be on the lookout for a foundation on the left. After the foundation, turn right on the pavement and curve past the Raquette Lake Supply building. If you go left you'll start the climb back up Fox Mountain on Uncas road, back to the starting point.

Trailhead: Look for the dirt road that's on Uncas Road, across the road from the Browns Tract Pond beach access. This is the old railroad.

Distance: It's 2.5 miles one way.


It's approximately 2 hours on a mountain bike, with a choice of easy (old railroad bed into the village of Raquette Lake) or challenging (up Fox Mountain).


This is part of three popular parcels: Browns Tract Inlet, Browns Tract Ponds, and Shallow Lake. Abundant wetlands means warblers and boreal birds.


This is a snowmobile trail in the winter, and a wonderful one at that!

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