Owls Head Mountain from the Lake Eaton State Campground

Owls Head Mountain from the Lake Eaton State Campground

This is a day-use area so a small fee is required unless you are staying there.

This is a very long approach to the mountain but if you are looking for a different way to approach this peak it's a nice walk. From the obscure trailhead at the back of the campground you will start out on a very wet trail that soon becomes dry. There is a slightly obscured intersection at about 0.75 mile from the campground where a sign for Owl's Head Mountain makes the hard left hand turn. From here the trail tends to be in much better shape and is used more often in winter as a cross-country ski trail and occasionally for snowmobiles. The trail keeps swinging away from Lake Eaton but does eventually come back closer to shore where you can have nice views out over its placid waters.

Once around the lake you will climb slightly to the trail that comes in from the Endion Road trailhead. From here it is slightly under 2 miles to the summit. The terrain continues a mellow climb, but as you near the top you will need to climb much steeper in between two of the horns of the owl's head. After a slight descent the final steep climb to the fire tower summit is in front of you. Enjoy stellar views from the ground level, but be sure to expand your experience by climbing up to the cab of the tower.

How to get there

Locate the Lake Eaton Campground at the north side of the Hamlet of Long Lake along Route 30. This is a day-use area so a small fee will be required, unless you are staying there. The trail is located at the back right of the campground.


2,812 feet


5.4 miles


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