Puffer Pond from the North

Puffer Pond from the North

From the King's Flow parking area, follow the dirt road a bit further on foot and locate the trail on the right. Please respect the rights of property owners and stay on the trail — there is no public access to King's Flow at this time.

Straight at the intersection leads to Chimney Mountain. Once on the trail you will be on a foot path that is not heavily used but relatively flat. Once you cross over Carroll Brook you will start to climb quite steadily. The trail will continue on this climb up and over the shoulder of Bullhead Pond. The descent is swift and in no time brings you to the shore of Puffer Pond. Be sure to visit one of the two lean-to's on the pond for a place to have a comfortable and scenic lunch.


400 Feet

Distance Round Trip:

4.2 miles

Approximate Time Round Trip:

Families with Kids: 4 to 5 hours
Experienced Snowshoers: 2.5 to 3.5 hours
Out of Shape Snowshoers: 3 to 4 hours

Trailhead Location:

From the intersection of Routes 28 and 30 in Indian Lake follow Route 30 toward Lake Pleasant. Continue for just under 0.5 miles to Big Brook Road. Follow here for 7.8 miles to King's Flow Parking Area. This is the trailhead for Chimney Mountain, Johns Pond and Puffer Pond. This is pay-to-use parking. Pay the $2 fee at the small kiosk.

Difficulty: 1=easiest, 5=hardest


Additional Important Information:

There is an attractive lean-to on the shore of Puffer Pond, a great place to relax and have some hot cocoa.
Hiking over a frozen body of water can access you to areas not seen by most in the summer. With that being said it is a dangerous activity to cross frozen water bodies and should be done with care and respect for your environment. Know the ice conditions and be prepared for anything including heavy winds, snow drifts, whiteouts, slushy conditions, and thin ice.

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