Rocky Mountain

Rocky Mountain

It's an easy half-mile climb to Rocky Mountain's summit. The sunset and sunrise views from here can be spectacular. It's no wonder this short hike is one of the most popular in the Inlet area, and a great destination for the entire family.

Getting there

Drive west along Route 28 from Inlet, toward Old Forge, and you'll see the parking area on the right. Visitors usually dot the rocky summit above.

By the numbers

  • 2,205 feet
  • 475 feet
  • It's only 0.5 mile from Route 28 to the summit.


The trail starts off flat but soon become steep. On a wet day the rocks and roots along the trail can be very slippery, so take caution if this is the case, especially on the way back down.

Before the top, there are a few areas where small rock shelves come into the picture. They can easily be avoided, but if you decide to take the direct approach choose your footing carefully, as these sections can be slick in wet conditions. The path levels off just before reaching the open, rocky summit, where views overlooking the Fulton Chain of Lakes await.


Rocky Mountain is an excellent destination for the entire family to get some snowshoeing experience. Some of the steep areas could potentially have ice, but that can be circumvented.

This trail is not recommended for cross-country skiing.


The Fulton Chain of Lakes is hundreds of lakes and ponds with boreal forests and wetland habitats. Look for raptors like the bald eagle, peregrine falcon, and osprey. Wetlands are home to the great blue heron and the great horned owl. Find the local loon population.

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