Rocky Mountain | Snowshoe Hike

Rocky Mountain | Snowshoe Hike

Rocky Mountain is possibly the most popular hike in the Inlet area. The trail is short and steep, but it's a fun snowshoe and a perfect destination for the entire family. At only 0.5 miles from trailhead to summit, you really get a serious bang for your buck.

This trail wastes no time becoming steep. Snowshoes make the going a bit more challenging, and be sure to take your time on the descent.

There are a few small areas where small rock shelves come into the picture. If you decide to take the direct approach up them choose your footing carefully — typically, other snowshoers make a trail around the rock to avoid the odd steps. The trail near the ends starts to flatten out and you soon come to an open rocky summit overlooking the Fulton Chain of Lakes.


Follow Route 28 west out of Inlet and in no time you will see the trailhead on the right. This is a large parking area that's paved but rough. The Rocky Mountain trail is directly at the back of the parking area.


2,205 feet


475 feet


1.0 mile round trip


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