Squaw Lake

Squaw Lake

From the end of Indian River Road at the trailhead parking you will pass through boulders blocking the way from vehicular traffic. This is an old road beneath you so the footing is superb. The grade is quite easy as well as you climb easily over the rolling hills. After a short 0.2 miles the Squaw Lake Trail comes in on the right. From here the trail drops continually tot eh shore. There are three bridges to cross upon and an interesting rocky trail. You will come out to the shore of this rocky pond and near a campsite on the shore.


From the intersection of Route 28 and Limekiln Road in Inlet, follow Limekiln Road and turn left on Moose River Plains Road. Continue on Moose River Plains Road to Otter Brook Road, which will be your second right. Eventually this turns into Indian River Road, which you can follow to the end. These roads through the Moose River Plains are very rough, but can be driven in most cars with some care at slow speeds.


1.2 miles

This hike generally only takes a couple of hours to complete.

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