Upper Sargent Pond


North Point Road
Long Lake, NY 12847
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Upper Sargent Pond is a great, short family hike to a wild pond setting. This pond is very shallow and tends to be quite calm even in foul weather.


How to get there

You can find these two trailheads off the Forked Lake Road in Long Lake. Start at the three corners in Long Lake and drive south toward Blue Mountain Lake on Route 28N/30. North Point Road will be on the right, in 3.0 miles – drive down North Point Road. There will be a fork in the road a few miles in; right leads to Forked Lake Campsite, left to the trailheads. Continue 3.1 miles to the trailhead on the left.



This trail is part of a much longer loop with Lower Sargent Pond and Grass Pond.

From the trailhead you will drop slightly and climb a bit to a small before being on a mostly flat trail. A slight climb part way in will bring you to a small downhill to the intersection for Upper Sargent Pond. The spur trail is not easily seen, but it leads left for 0.2 miles to the shore.

The trail to Upper Sargent Pond is 1.4 miles long and well graded with easy footing.



Shoreline fishing can be had from many locations but it's easiest from the end of the trail. Panfish are fun for the kids, but sometimes a decent sized perch can be reeled in. You will have to carry or wheel a boat if you’d like to fish in open waters, which could be a 1.4 mile carry to the shore. It is the best way to reach the deeper water in the eastern bay for bass. Fish species include: brook trout, smallmouth bass, panfish, perch, and bullhead.



There is great variety in the area. The nearby trail complex has lean-tos, primitive camping sites, and backcountry camping allowed as long as the site is at least 150 feet from a water body, road, or trail.

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