Wadsworth Mountain

Wadsworth Mountain

This destination lies off any developed and mapped trail system; the use and understanding of GPS and/or map and compass is highly recommended. When traveling off-trail you will experience hazards not realized on a trail, expect more difficult and varying conditions and always lean toward safety as a priority.

How to get there

From the Hamlet of Raquette Lake follow Brown's Tract Road for 0.7 miles to the West Mountain Trail on the right, park here.

Trail Description

Wadsworth Mountain does not have a trail that goes all the way to the summit, but you can access the ridge from the West Mountain Trail. The forest is very open and the route is extremely straight forward. From the West Mountain Trail you will start your hike along a well-developed trail through an open hardwood forest. The trail drops slightly before starting a gentle climb over a hogback, which is the ridge for Wadsworth. Once atop the hogback and before you start to descend again you will need to head west along the gentle ridge. As you approach the top there is one short steeper pitch that will access you to the open rocky summit.



Elevation Change


Round Trip Distance

~1.8 miles

Family with Young Kids

  • Not recommended

Experienced Hiker

  • 2 to 2.5 hours

Inexperienced Hiker

  • Not recommended

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