West Pond and West Pond Falls


Big Moose Road
Eagle Bay, NY 13331

The proximity of this hike to the community of Inlet makes this area very accessible to visitors and year-round residents alike. The best time to visit would be early spring or after some good rain, if you want to see the falls flowing steady. It may just be a trickle in summer.

How to get there

From Inlet, take Route 28 south toward Old Forge and turn onto Big Moose Road. Travel 6 miles to the trailhead parking on the left, right before Glenmore Road. 


The trail to the falls is about 0.5 miles. If you make it to the pond itself, you have missed the falls.

This easy, family-oriented trail is great for beginners in hiking and mountain biking. The trail begins on a wide snowmobile trail. After a short distance, look for the blue disk markers on the left for the short spur trail to West Pond Falls.

The falls are not large but they are wonderful for exploration. If you carefully climb the falls' rocky outcrops it's possible to follow the stream to West Pond just a hundred yards away. Just take the trail on your right back to the main trail.


The trail is single track and good for intermediate mountain biking.


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