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6 Ways

to Experience the Adirondacks

The central Adirondacks contain both vast swaths of wild forests, lakes, and ponds, as well as quaint towns and hamlets. With unique shops and restaurants, attractions, and all the water and land you could want to roam, the Adirondack Experience region has something for every type of vacation.

#1 Camping

From RVs to backpacking hammocks, the Adirondack Experience region has every type of camping. Whether you’re looking to park for the summer, drive in to a campsite, or find a secluded spot deep in the wilderness, the central Adirondacks has a campsite that will suit your needs. Our campsites offer amenities such as fireplaces and picnic tables, as well as RV hookups, while the backcountry camping sites offer peace, tranquility, and unparalleled views.

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#2 Waterfall Challenge

Rippling cascades. Roaring, precipitous drops. The Adirondack Experience has an almost countless number of waterfalls that offer glimpses of the power and serenity that Adirondack streams create. From roadside falls that can be seen from the car to waterfalls hidden deep in the backcountry, the Adirondack Experience region has a wide variety of cascades to take in. The best part? Earning a patch for completing the Waterfall Challenge!

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#3 Paddling

While the Adirondacks may be known for its limitless trails, the original way to move about was on the waterways. And that tradition has never died. Paddling the Adirondack Experience region is just as limitless! From quiet ponds to bustling lakes to remote rivers dotted by beaver dams, Hamilton County and its environs have a paddling adventure that is perfect for your family.

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#4 Biking

Whether you like to log lots of miles on quiet, scenic roads or get down and dirty in the woods, the Adirondack Experience region is loaded with biking options. From family-friendly cruising around town to well-maintained single track, the central Adirondacks embraces bicyclists because we love two-wheeled action too!

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#5 Fire Tower Challenge

Hike into history by climbing one or all of the five historic fire towers in the Adirondack Experience region. These towers are more than a century old but still stand as sentinels in the Adirondacks. While not used for spotting fires anymore, the towers make great destinations and can offer unimpeded views of millions of acres of Adirondack wilderness. Hike all five mountains and earn a patch as a Hamilton County fire challenge finisher!

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#6 Fishing

Whether you like the fight of a bass or the slyness of a trout, fishing in the Adirondack Experience is unparalleled! Hike or bushwhack to remote streams and land the famed Adirondack brook trout or troll a picturesque lake for warm-water species. Whichever your speed, the central Adirondacks has the water, the fish, and the guides that will make your trip unforgettable!

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