Limekiln Lake

Limekiln Lake

The best time to paddle Limekiln Lake is in the fall of the year when the colors are popping. Be sure to check out the Limekiln Creek Narrows as well as the attractive southern bay near the islands.

There are two trails for hiking out of the southern bay — one that leads to Whiter Pond and the other to Moose River Plains Road.

How to get there:

From the intersection of Route 28 and Limekiln Road in Inlet, follow Limekiln Road and continue for 1.8 miles to the Limekiln Lake State Campground Road on the right. Turn here and follow to the boat launch area. There is a fee to use the lot when the campground is in operation.

Type of launch:


Portage/carry details:


Type of water:

This is a very large lake with many motorboats in the summer, so there is potential for rough waters.

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