Upper Sargent Pond Paddle

Upper Sargent Pond Paddle

How to Get There

From the 3-way intersection in the Hamlet of Long Lake follow Route 30/28N toward Blue Mountain Lake. Continue for just over 3-miles to North Point Road on the right. Follow North Point Road for 6.25 miles to the Sargent Ponds Wild Forest Trailhead on the left.


Upper Sargent Pond is located along a much longer trail but is the easiest to reach while carrying a boat. It is much better to have a light weight canoe or kayak, but a decent cart with wheels could also access you to this quaint pond.

The grassy shore at the launch area is nice for preparing for your paddle and the actual launch is easy to access. To avoid dinging your boat on the rocks along shore wade out a bit, it's very shallow here as well. Small islands and a very long eastern bay add for the romance of the pond and the eastern bay will get you a bit further from the trail. When the water is much higher you can get down the outlet a little ways.

Type of Launch

Sand and stone

Type of Carry

1.4 miles of well graded easy walking, excellent footing, wide trail

Type of Water

This pond is very shallow but even so tends to be quite calm even in foul weather

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