Utowana Lake

Utowana Lake

This is a  peaceful paddle with a lean-to on the opposite shore, for lunch or a weekend of camping. A short paddle downstream before the waterway becomes too narrow, but there is a portage around this spot that will get you to better waters to paddle into Raquette Lake. If you head upstream you can easily go into Eagle Lake and then Blue Mountain Lake. The shallow nature of this lake gives it a feel unlike many other lakes in the Adirondacks.

Shoreline length

The shoreline is 4.7 miles long, 300 acres in size, and a mean depth of 12 feet.

How to get there

From the intersection of Route 28 and Route 30, follow Route 28 toward Raquette Lake. Continue for over 6 miles to a small dirt pull-off on the right — look for a large boulder set back in the woods near the shore.

Type of launch

Grassy, shallow, and with a 200 feet carry down an embankment to a footpath.

Type of Water

This is a fairly well sheltered pond where wind is not much of an issue. While motorboats are not forbidden the chances of seeing one are very small.

More information

Most of the shore is private property. It is state land in the area of the lean-to. Can fish from the shoreline there.

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